Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will it cost to rekey my house?

A: Service calls from any contractor will include a Trip Charge (based on location), Labor charges, and the cost of materials.

If you are quoted very low price, there is a good chance that your other contractor is not properly licensed, which will put the liability on you. It is also common for an unlicensed locksmith to lure you in with a low rate, and then overcharge you once they are on site.

Q: What is a High Security Lock?

A: A High Security Lock is a type of door hardware that uses a Key Cylinder designed to withstand attacks from lock picking, bumping, drilling, kicking, and prying for a minimum of 10 minutes. The Manufacturing Standard is UL437.

Q: Why should I pay more for locks? Aren't they all the same?

A: Not all locks are created equal. For this reason, the security industry divides locks into Grades.
Grade 3 is for Residential use
Grade 2 is for Light Commercial Use
Grade 1 is for Heavy Duty Commercial Use

You can spend as much as you want for locks to protect your home or business. It depends on what your needs are.
For example: I would never recommend anything less than Grade 1 "Heavy Duty Commercial" Locks for warehouse storage. You will spend more upfront, but you will be better able to protect your inventory.


Q: Why won't the locksmith cut my key?

A: Sometimes a customer has what is known as a "Dealer Based Keyway" this means that the Manufacturer contracts directly with a lock shop for exclusive access to Key Blanks. In this situation, the locksmith physically cannot cut the key, because he doesn't have access to the key blanks.

You can always look at the key blank to see if it says a lock shop's name or phone number.

Sometimes your key is for the Perimeter Gates and Common Areas of an Apartment Complex. It is very common for a property manager or HOA to contract with the locksmith for exclusivity of the key. In this situation, the HOA will send the lock shop an authorization form on official letterhead that gives the lock shop permission to cut the key for the tenant.