General Services

Magnolia Park Lock Shop provides locksmith services for residential and commercial businesses. 

Keys Cut

We can duplicate a huge variety of keys. We can also cut keys "by code" or to original factory specs to create the perfect key for you.

Master Key Systems

When you want to secure your business, and control which doors can accessed, and by whom, we can create a series of Keys that you can trust.


We have many different sizes of padlocks to Secure File Cabinets, Sheds, tool Boxes, Diaries, bicycles and more.

M3 Diagram.JPG
High Security Locks 

We sell and service a variety of locks that are designed to offer protection against physical attacks; such as: picking, bumping, drilling, kicking, and prying

ADA Compliant Hardware

install, and service the necessary hardware to make your business "ADA Compliant"

Since 1992 businesses are required to accomodate people with certain physical limitations. We are familiar with the codes and we can sell, 

Door Closers

We can install door closers that allow the door operation to be smooth and safe

Exit Alarms

We can install Exit alarms and Pilfer Guards that sound when a door to a storage area or emergency exit is opened.

Code Cut Keys

Sometimes if you lose a key, you can to find a code engraved on the lock. We can look up that code and cut a new key to factory specs.

Locks Repaired and Installed

Our Certified Technicians can inspect a lock to determine if the lock needs a replacement part, or needs to be replaced entirely. 

We will always let you know if a lock is repairable.

We are also able to install a new lock, even if the

door needs to be modified to do so.

Furniture Locks

We have a large selection of locks for File Cabinets, Desks, Display Cases, Mailboxes, and much more

Bump-Resistant Locks

We have a variety of locks that offer protection against a common physical attack known as "bumping"

Storefront Doors

We can rekey, realign, and service the Glass Aluminum Doors that are common for Commercial Businesses.

Panic Hardware

We can install and service Panic Hardware, which is required for areas of high occupany.


We can service, open, and Drill your safe. We can also help you pick out a new safe that suits your needs

Fire Door Inspections

California State Law Requires that Fire Doors be Inspected once a year. We are licensed to perform that inspection and make any necessary repairs to the door.